Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Ever-Increasing Ambiguity

A new word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year- Metrosexual. It is a word that refers to a completely heterosexual male, who happens to have feminine interests. Meaning a man who is obssessed with his hair, his clothes, his shoes, etc. Some have now, however, taken that word and applied it to religion creating "Metrospirituality". It's the new name for an old fad and its adding to the ambiguity in present day spirituality.

As the words "god," "religion," "spirituality," "faith," and even "Christian" become more and more ambiguous real Christians need to be aware that generic is not better! Al Mohler has written a brief commentary on his blog for you to check out, with links to the actual article and other commentaries on this trend. Check them out:

Metrospirituality is not healthy, nor is it even close to true faith and spirituality! Christ is the only answer to the culture and generic religion that does not offer the truth about Him as found in Scripture only offers another self-deluding, feel-good idol.


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