Monday, August 14, 2006

Preaching the Gospel to One Another

In my sermon on August 6th, I stated that one of the ways Christians should fullfill the command to love one another is by preaching the gospel to one another. I want to explore that idea in further detail this week and offer a few ways in which we can do this.

The local church is so crucial for the Christian life because it is in many ways a guard for Christians. It is in the local church context that individual Christians are encouraged and challenged to keep believing the gospel that they first believed. The great weakness of many Christians, and churches, is that they let the gospel message slip into irrelevance for their lives after a period of excitement over conversion has passed. It becomes that old message that I heard a long time ago and believed in order that I could know God, but it no longer has significance for my life. It certainly does not have implications for us on Monday morning. This sad way of thinking, though prevelent in our churches, is not the truth. The Gospel is the very center of the Christian faith, from it stems all other parts of the faith.

That being said, how can we encourage one another to keep believeing the gospel? This week I will attempt a series that aims to answer just that question, so keep checking back.


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