Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey, It Could Happen

There use to be a commercial for McDonalds (at least I think it was McDonalds), in which a kid described some outrageous events happening and it ended with the child saying, "Hey, it could happen." The expression has relevance for the recent developments among Christianity in Great Britain, only in this case it's not so outrageous.

Stephen Green, an Evangelical Christian, was arrested recently for some highly volatile Christian activity. What did he do? He handed out leaflets at a homosexual rally, which quoted the Scriptures' forbidding homosexuality. Perhaps Green was malicious in his doing so? No, reports tell us he was peaceful and friendly. Green's attempt to share the gospel with homosexuals, was not received well, however. He has been arrested and now the questions follow: Will all Christians who view homosexuality as sin be faced with similiar charges in England? What about in America, will this contagion spread to the other side of the Atlantic? All these questions are serious, not some outlandish proposal but an uptight conservative Chrsitian. Al Mohler is asking the same questions and has discussed the issue on his radio show with special guests. I urge you to listen in and to read the two blogs he has written on the subject, you can find both the blogs under the articles section to the left, and each contains a link to the radio show.

This is a pressing issue even for American Evangelicals. We must always remember that what happens to our brothers in other parts of the world could take place on this continent. Hey, it could [really] happen.


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