Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Day One Year Ago

As I have been sitting and watching the Buckeyes beat up on the Wolverines today I was reminded of this day one year ago. This day one year ago my wife decided to throw me a Birthday party with some of our friends from church. Folks came over and we watched the same rivalry match-up between Ohio State and Michigan. And during half-time as I sat with Melony and Jeremy, Carrie and Josh, Jessica and Rich, and Carly and Sammy around me, my wife and I announced that we were having our first child!

It was an extremely exciting time. These dear friends, and countless others, had been praying with us for the Lord to bless us with a child. It was a wonderful feeling to share such good news with those who had partaken of our sorrow.

As I reflect on that day I sit now watching the Buckeyes win again, but this time I sit with my wife and our beautiful three and half month old girl: Maleigha. What a blessing it is that the Lord gives us the great delight of children. What a wonderful way to spend your Birthday!

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Blogger Rich Clark said...

David! If only you would have had us over again!

6:53 PM  

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