Friday, November 18, 2005

From Man to Beast

When the homosexual community began lobbying for the right to gay marriage Christians and their numerous orginizations responded in full force. The force of their argument was that by allowing gay marriage the door would be opened to any number of sexual pervesities. They were promplty laughed at and hailed as proposing perposterous theories. But just who was right?

In Boston serveral legislators are following their success at legalizing homsexual unions with an appeal to soften criminal charges against other sexual offenders, specifically beastiality. The wording of their bill states a clear conviction that these legislators beleive the penalties for beastiality are "archaic;" meaning that they have no place in this advanced world. The bill would amend the Massachusettes penal code for crimes of sexual acts on animals. This is sick!

More and more we are seeing sexual perversion rising to all new levels and worse, we are seeing the acceptance of this sexual perversion rise to all new levels. Recently a drama on CBS dealt with the subject of beastiality, or zoophilia (the new cute little name given to it). Before 1960 something so vile would not have even been considered sane. Now, however, its even fair as the theme of a television program.

So who was right? When Christians were mocked for suggesting that homosexual marriage would come first and then be followed by worse things? Well perhaps that's not nearly as important as is rectifying this problem is...but I think you know the answer.


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