Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Come Friday Krista and I will be on the road and moving into our apartment in Louisville, KY. We are very excited about the next three years and we are already seeing God's providential hand at work. Before we have even arrived or met anyone from the area we have made contact with a local family who has offered their friendship and help to us. The Lord is so gracious.

We covet your prayers at this time as we move. Please pray that our transition would be smooth and our arrival and my registration would go well. I know that Southern Seminary will be a wonderful place for us and I still hold open that invitation to the young men who are interested in possibly attending Southern in the future. If you find that you want to examine the Seminary and need a place to stay our home is open to those of you we spoke with. As well we look forward in the coming months and years to see some of our dearest friends from Southern Ohio as they come to visit us.

Be sure to check out the new links I've posted, the new book reviews available through the Spurgeon School's Library, and the new resources coming soon through Sovereign God Ministries (all of them free to you).


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