Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas is the Season of Oppurtunity

Often when I have asked individuals where they go to church, giving them the benefit of the doubt, they identify the church which the attend twice a year. These two occassions are, of course, Easter and Christmas. These two holidays almost always seem to draw the un-converted out of their homes. I am not quite sure why exactly, but I know one thing: Christmas is a season of oppurtunity.

Many churches will be holding services this Sunday, in spite of the growing trend to cancel service due to Christmas falling on Sunday. But their services will really consist of little more than a few Christmas carols, a children's program, and a five minute moral lecture about thinking of others or thinking about Jesus in the manger. Christmas is, however, one of the few times a year where the church gets to show the world what exactly it exists for.

The Church does not exist to entertain or to encourage good moral living. The Church exists to glorify God! Will your church services this week aim at showing the lost amongst your congregation that we take sin seriously, Jesus is not just the reason for the season but the reason for all of life, and that the worship of God is a wonderful and awesome privilege?

The lost world can get enough holiday cheer, and good moral lessons from the Christmas television specials. The Grinch, A Christmas Story, and A Very Brady Christmas are airing everyday and families and individuals get enough holiday cheer that the Church does not need to add to it. So instead of bringing the non-Christian Christmas "Christian style", just bring them Jesus- straight forward, simple, and without all the gimmicks! That is the best way to help this season.


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