Monday, January 16, 2006

Farewell Brother Pack

The average ministry of most Pastors these days is about 3 years. It is hard to find pastors who have been at their present ministry for much longer than that. This is largely due to conflict, burn-out, or simply impatience. In light of those depressing statistics, however, it is encouraging to find some pastors who have held out for well over three years. Such a man is Pastor Gary Pack, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Waverly, Ohio. In recent news Gary has announced, however, that he will be retiring.

As a former parishioner at this church I can say that Gary's leaving will indeed be sad for the congregation. This is a man whose heart for the Lord and love for his church is huge (I'd dare to say even bigger than his appetite). In a day and age where the pastor is seen as a CEO or a salesman it is encouraging to know that the old model of pastoral care for the congregation still exists. I have been amazingly blessed by the ministry of this man, by his preaching, by his love, by his encouragement, and by the opportunities that he has provided for me to learn and grow. I am sorry to see him go, though I know that he is ready. Gary has held a long ministry at FBC and a fruitful one as well. I appreciate the example of this godly man and pray that the Lord will give the next pastor at FBC the same heart concern for the local church and the congregation that Gary Pack has had.

Thank you Gary, and may God bless you and make His face to shine upon you.

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