Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Dancing Baptist?

That's right! Here's a terrific and attractive blog from a pastor I know. B.J. Maxwell is the pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Copres Cove, Tx. I've often heard from my pastor, Steve Burchett, that B.J. is a terrific writer but had only his word to go on. Now I can recommend to you all that you read his blog for yourself, as I have, and you will most likely come to that same conclusion. B.J. is indeed a good writer and thankfully he is writing in order to glorify God and encourage other believers. This particular blog entry caught my attention because, as a Southern Baptist, I do not dance. Yet I found this entry to be so compelling and it led me to meditate on the joys of being in the Savior's presence. What a day that will be and I am prone to beleive that on that day no Southern Baptist will be able to refrain from dancing.

Check out the blog:


Anonymous Steve B. said...

If only we had a video of BJ dancing! If he sold a book and video set, he'd probably become a best-selling author, and dancer! Take that, Osteen! Seriously, I've seen him dance, and it is not pretty...

FBC misses the Dunham's!

10:12 AM  

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