Monday, February 20, 2006

Captivated by Curling

The sport of curling goes largely un-heard of until the winter olympics. It hasn't had the popularity of skiing or snowboarding or hockey, yet this year the event is grabbing a great deal of attention.

Culring's history is rather hard to uncover. It's origins are largely unknown and hotly debated between the British and Scottish. The earliest records of a game like curling date back to the late 1500s, but it is most likely that similiar games, ancestors of the current model, date farther back than that. This years teams in the Olympic Games are quite captivating to watch. The U.S. Men's team, in particular, is grabbing a great deal of attention now as they have clinched a place in the Olympic Medal round. Their fame is increasing, as is evidenced by the Culring website's crash earlier this week from so many hits.

Pete Fenson, team leader for the Americans, has shown his talent time and time again. His accuracy rate sometimes being in the 90 percential. Though losing to team Canada this morning the Americans will go onto the Medal round and fight for victory. As millions at home watch in anticipation and their support grows I can only turn now to thank my good friend Chris Crocker. It was my best bud in early high school who turned me on to curling when he did a speech report on the sport. So in hopes that I will not appear to be merely another Johnny-come-lately I will appeal to this event as evidence of my longtime captivation with curling. Thanks Chris!


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