Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Valentine Poem

I wanted to give this first to my wife, but now that she has seen and read it I will post it here:

The Flower of My Youth

To the flower of my youth, you are ever more to me
The same sweet blossom that I first found you to be.
Neither withering, nor fading in your iridescent glow,
Shining all the more radiant through the fire and the snow.

To the flower of my youth, I picked you from the soil,
And placed you in a vase, and yet your blossom does not foil,
In love you grow, in familiarity you rapture.
I never become accustomed to your elegant stature.

To the flower of my youth, though you often feel
As though the world’s frost-bitten steel
Would you cut you from your life
I stand a guard to defend you, my flower and my wife.

My love is not vapid, it does not merely cajole
It works to water and to nurture the bud of my soul.
O, sweet flower of my youth, not a moment older in my heart
Yet so much more loved, that from your scent I shall ne’er depart.


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