Sunday, July 09, 2006

Soccer and Sin

The World Cup was a bit of a dissapointment for me. It is the number one sporting event in the World and the international community at large becomes absorbed with it (even to the point that whole Embacies have shut down for it), but Americans have remained almost completely oblivious to it. This years cup may have gotten a bit more publicity in America, but American simply don't care for Soccer. I had hoped that would change as I am personally a fan of it. But after watching the Cup game today I was left feeling only dissapointed.

When France scored early on in the match I thought for sure it would be a good game. Italy's speedy goal in the 19th minute of play seemed to confirm that. But not only did the game end in penalty kicks (which garners a cheap win that in only a minimal way displays a team's skill), but Zinedine Zidane, France's star player, had an outburst of the most horrific kind.

Zidane has played with a level of class throughout the tournament that has been unparalleled by other atheletes. He doesn't take dives, like so many players did in this tournament, nor does he argue much with the referees. These facts are what made his viscious head butt of an Italian opponent so amazing. France had dominated most of the second half, and were playing well in the double overtimes. The foul was sparked by some antagonistic verbal fighting between the two. Following the banter Zidane simply lowerd his head and plowed straight into the Italian instigator, it was horrifying.

This outlandish reaction by Zidane has marred his career, and ruined the World Cup for him, for France, and for me. Yet it is a prime example of just how sinful man is. I do not know what Zinedine Zidane is like in real life, but on the field he has been both a hero and a good sportsman. Yet we are reminded by this display that no man is so good that he doesn't need salvation. Every man needs Christ's atoning sacrifice for their sins. As far as Soccer goes Zidane's display was not good, but on a theological reminder it serves as a warning and humbling example that all men need Christ!


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