Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solid Books at Great Prices!

Solid Ground Books is having an emergency inventory reduction sale. Check out their prices on some of these great classic books:

- Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 1- Herman Bavinck (28.95)

-Vol. 2 also 28.95

- Vol. 3 for 27.95

- A Hert for Missions: The Classic Memoir of Samuel Pearce- Andrew Fuller (8.50)

- The Backslider- Andrew Fuller (7.95)

- Ready for Reformation- Tom Nettles (9.00)

- Why I am A Baptist- Tom Nettles and Russ Moore (9.00)

- Baptists and the Bible- Tom Nettles and Rush Bush (19.50)

- Disciplines for a Godly Man- R. Kent Hughes (10.95)

- The God Who Justifies- James White (11.00)

These are just a some of the great books you can find at Solid Ground. If I were rich I'd order them all, but then again if I were rich I probably wouldn't worry about sales as much.


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