Friday, November 03, 2006

The Diablogue

For those interested:

I and a fellow church member here at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, are having a discussion on the significance of the name "Baptist." It has already proven to be an insightful discussion. We've discussed: What is the role of a Church name; What should it communicate; Who should we reach out to with a Church name; and continue to discuss whether or not "Baptist" is a helpful label. I'd encourage my readers to go and see what is being discussed there. Sammy's heart for evangelism and inviting church atmosphere is evident in his comments. He's a good model for us all.

I quote here from Sammy as motivation for you to read the blog: "Now some who might accidentally stumble on this might say, “Here is yet another example of some ghetto Christians who have nothing better to do than to split hairs about things no one cares about.” Well, I’ll take split ends over the underdeveloped (thoughtless) peach fuzz that represents how many approach their church life. What we call things can be significant, or societies wouldn’t always be fighting over names."

So check it out at


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