Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Evangelism and Sports?

For a first year Ohio Sports enthusiast it has been a tough one. My Bengals failed to make it to the playoffs after a heartbreaking season of missed oppurtunities. And, to top it off, in one of the most suprising and embarrassing games this whole college football season the Buckeyes got blown out in the BSC Championship game to a team I will not even mention! It would be easy for me to walk away from this Ohio football season with nothing more than a bad taste in my mouth, but I am a Christian and see in this miserable season God's sovereign hand.

How can a man whose football teams have done so poorly still be content and wear a smile, even as he parades his OSU apparrell on the day after defeat? He can do so because he knows that football counts for nothing in the kingdom of God. He can smile because even after heartbreak he still possess the love of God and the salvation won Him by Christ. He can rejoice because He has the greatest prize. Its not the BSC Championship Bowl Tropy, nor a Superbowl Ring...but eternal life with God. In giving my teams a losing season God has given me oppurtunity to share the gospel!

So I rejoice through Ohio's bad football season because God has saved me...and because the Buckeyes have a good basketball team.


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