Friday, December 01, 2006

Design in the Spotlight

Why are you reading this? Were you destined to or did you choose to? A recent Sony Pictures film puts design in the spotlight and does a spectacular job.

In "Stranger than Fiction" Will Ferrell play IRS auditor Harold Crick who begins to hear the narration of his own life. He is the only one who can hear this narration, which of course makes for great comedy, and so he is the only one who hears that he will soon die. Both comedy and drama ensue.

What's unique about this film is not its comedy, or romance, or even drama for that matter, however. Even the story might be suggested as older than it first appears. But what is distinct about "Stranger than Fiction" is its applaud of design. In a culutre of autonomy and self-reliance a genius comedy that welcomes design as that which gives purpose to life is certainly unique.

The movie is by far the best comedy of 2006, Ferrell's best performance ever, and a breath of fresh air for Christians. It is adult content. The film is a dark comedy (death is the subject) and there are a few rather disturbing scenes of death (though not gore or even blood, completely clean). And there is one scene with a collection of old men's naked butts. Unless by principle you can't see those I urge, along with Marvin Olasky, that all Christians see this wonderful film and join in the applause of design (all the while remembering who that designer is).

After the film has been out of theatres I may write more on it. I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone.


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