Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vote in 08, Inspite of Dissapointment

If things continue going the way that they are then it appears that Conservative voters in 2008 will have the choice of electing John McCain or Rudy Guilliani president. This means that evangelicals will largely avoid the voting booths then. Why? Because neither of these two candidates stands out as exception choices, and neither carries enough weight with evangelicals.

Rudy G. might as well be a liberal on the social issues. His advocacy of Strict Constructionist judges and Roe v. Wade don't mix, and his recent support of public funding for abortions will be a major turn off to Christians in 08. McCain, on the other hand, while being strong on a number of social issues favors pro-campaign finance reform and, like Gulliani has other un-Conservative tendencies. He probably has a better shot at capturing the Evangelical vote, but it's not a guarantee.

Those of us who wished for more support for "lesser" candidates, like Mike Huckabee or Sam Browback, need to wake up! 08 Will most likely come down to either Guilliani or McCain, though there is some chance that Romney could pull out an upset, which could bring in the evangelical vote (despite Romney's Mormon faith). But a word to those Christians who, out of frustration and dissapointment, may not vote at all.

Either of these candidates is a better pick than a liberal democrat. And, furthermore, God is sovereign and, accoridng to Romans 13, he puts all men in their positions of authority. God will work it out. Pray, perhaps even weep in your closet, but vote! It is your duty as a citizen and as a Christian.

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