Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bourne of a Virgin?

My friend Owen has some thoughts on the new Jason Bourne movie. He believes that what makes Jason Bourne so interesting and compelling is his masculinity. Bourne is a real hero in the sense that he is a strong and reflects the even more heroic person of Jesus Christ. Bourne is, perhaps in an indirect way, a Christ-figure.

I think Owen has some interesting observations, and I agree that Bourne is a compelling action hero. But we have had these sorts of heroes for years: James Bond, Conan, Indiana Jones, etc. How is Bourne any different? I do think that Bourne is unique, but it is not because he is a masculine action hero. I have different thoughts. I won't go into them here because Rich and I are preparing to do a show on this subject...so I'll wait. So look for our new show of Christ & Pop-Culture forthcoming.

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