Sunday, January 29, 2006

More on George Barna's Big Problem

Justin Taylor's weblog is great for pastors to check regularly. It's good for all Christians, but for pastors in particular, especially those who since leaving seminary have been detached somewhat from the important theological issues being raised in and around Evangelicalism at large, it is a resource. His blog is a means to get quick concise information about the theological landscape, and as well, usually, links to more in depth material on the subjects at hand.

In his most recent post Taylor directs his readers again to the new book of George Barna. Barna has for sometime been a "church-growth" guru. His newest book Revolution, however, speaks about the church as merely an option for Christians. Taylor has previously listed some reveiws of it, as have I. I'd encourage you to check out the comments of these other brothers that Taylor lists, they'll help you be thoughtful in your consideration of this book.


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