Sunday, January 22, 2006

The End of Abortion and the Savior of Sinners

Today is the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and since this landmark ruling in our nation 40 million children have been aborted. This is a horrifying thought, and my heart grieves so heavily for the murdering of such innocent and beautiful gifts from God. At the Worship service that Krista and I attended this morning here in Louisville the pastor spoke on this very subject from the text of scripture. In light of the continuing abortions in America he listed seven reasons why we are to see the un-born child as a human being. The list he quoted from Pastor John Piper, who has articulated often the truth that abortion is a sin. The list is as follows:

1) A child is concieved by two humans.
2) God forms all children in the womb of their mother.
3) The Bible refers to the un-born in personal terms, not impersonal. Even to the degree that the Greek word that refers to the un-born John the Baptist is the same word applied to the born baby Jesus.
4) The un-born look like us when they are being aborted.
5) They will grow up if they are left alone.
6) Being tiny does not make them less human.
7) It is becoming more frequent today that pre-mature children are surviving outside of the womb if properly cared for.

There are certainly many other reasons why we are to regard the un-born as humans, but these are just a few to help us all think. The preacher, whom we are coming to enjoy more and more, concluded his message this morning by challenging all of us to action. He proposed five ways to get invovled.

1) Come to Christ- If you are not a beleiver and you have had an abortion know that there is still hope for you. Come to Christ in repentance and faith and be saved from the punishment that is due all of us for our sins, including the sin of abortion.

2) Learn- Know the facts about abortion. Find out what really goes on and become educated that you may speak the truth and avoid the deceptive lies of the culture.

3) Adopt- Rescue children! Show parents that there is another way, that even if they do not want their child that you will love him or her enough to take that child into your family. The Lord has inclined mine and Krista's hearts toward adoption, this sermon has only further confirmed that for us.

4) Speak- Shed light on the dark places that you might expose sin for sin, tell the word about the punishment for sin and yet also the hope of forgiveness in Christ. Be a beacon of both hope and a flash of warning to the world.

5) Pray- The only way that abortion will end is by means of God's will. Pray that He will raise up servant armies to be a means of ending abortion. And whatever politics, and protests may do to help end abortion, in the end only conversions will see it fully destroyed. Only when doctors, nurses, and parents come to know Christ and see the sinfulness of abortion will there be an end to this horror. Pray to such an end.

This pastor had one final word for us which I found to be encouraging for me, even though I have never had or encouraged an abortion. He said, "Abortion is murder, but Jesus is a savior of murderers." There is no room for self-righteousness! Paul tells us that we who are Christians were all just like those who are not yet converted- we were all sinners and enemies of God! And with our sin we murdered Jesus Christ- thus we are all murderers in this sense! But Praise be to God who sent Jesus to save such murderers as us. Let such truth fuel us to love and honesty in the fight for the right to life!


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