Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shocking News from Canada

News coming from Canada has often tended to shock me. On December 29th I documented the decision of the Canadian Supreme Court to legalize group sex with children.
  • Get Your Kids out of Canada
  • This was a sad and terrible story. The recent news out of Canada has again shocked me but it is an altogether different kind of shock.

    On Monday Canada elected their first Conservative leadership in 13 years. Due to the scandals and numerous broken promises of the liberal party in Canada, voters gave their support to Conservative candidate Stephen Harper, despite some concern over his views. This is such an exciting development and we will all being watching with anticipation to see how Harper plans to bring positive and moral reforms to Canada. To be certain being conservative or in support of U.S. republicanism is not to be equated with God-honoring, though some suppose such is the case. What is God-honoring, however, is a political desire and plan to turn back the moral demise of a culture, and the humility, tact, and resolve to implement that plan. Christians, let's pray that Mr. Harper will be such a man with such a plan.


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