Tuesday, January 31, 2006

School and Work

I am pleased to announce that today is my first day of classes at Southern Seminary. The most exciting class for me this quater is most likely going to be Personal Spiritual Disciplines, taught by Donald S. Whitney. Like I did with my course The Doctrine of God, I will be posting some materials and lessons from this course periodically, and I am recording the class on audio as well if anyone is interested in receiving a copy.

Also I received a call from UPS yesterday and will be starting work with them on Tuesday Feb. 7th. Please pray that this job works out well for me and my schedule. It is a great job with astounding benefits for our family, but, of course, the work is hard and the hours late. Thanks to everyone who has been lifting Krista and I up to the Lord, we are seeing more and more of His faithfulness shown in our lives.


Anonymous Patty said...

Both you and Krista have been in my prayers and will continue to be for many, many years to come. I'll be praying for you today as you begin your semester--study hard!

7:14 AM  

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