Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mark Coppenger, Donald Miller, and A Little Jazz

Dr. Mark Coppenger, Distinguished Professor of Christian Apologetics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, will be giving a lecture this morning on the highly popular book Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller. The book has been a hailed favorite among young people and found amongst the circle of those who call themselves "Emergent". The book does, however, have many shortcomings and I hope to hear Dr. Coppenger speak on those this morning. I will post my notes from the lecture here at Weirsein Bettler this afternoon for those who may be interested.

Speaking of "Jazz," Krista and I were able to hear an amazing live jazz band last evening. The Jason Harms Quintet (piano, drums, guitar, bass, and sax) performed a concert here at Southern's campus. The Concert, sponsored by both the School of Church Music and The Institute for Christian Worship, was a testimony to the beauty of God's creation. In creating music God has given to men a wonderful means of expressing their joys, sorrows, heart questions, and loves. The Quintet proved to be not only stellar musicians, but outstanding witnesses to the truth of the Gospel, the satisfaction of God to the soul, and the sufficiency of Jesus. The band hails from Minneapolis and their home church Bethlehem Baptist, otherwise known as the home church of preaching pastor John Piper.


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I went to the lecture but didn't see you there. Did you make it?

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