Thursday, February 09, 2006

Narrowing the Field Further

The controversy within the IMB over the acceptance of their newest policy and the request for the removal of Wade Burleson is growing in public knowledge. Tom Ascol, Tim Challies, and others within the blogosphere have written on it. Hershel York, a professor here at Southern Seminary, has expressed his approval of the new policy, while many others, like Wade Burleson (trustee of the IMB), have expressed their disapproval. But in my discussions I have only been dealing with one issue related to the controversy.

There are two pieces to the new policy adopted by the International Mission Board of the SBC: (1) No "Private Prayer Language", and (2) Only a Baptism in an SBC church, or one that teaches eternal security, is valid. The latter of these two additions is as equally disturbing as the first. It not only continues to narrow the field of cooperation that the SBC will have with others, but it is very presumptious and arrogant. Tom Ascol, on his blog at the Founders' site, states that this new policy on baptism would exclude many great Baptist leaders from our heritage , including Benjamin Keach and Abraham Booth. There is a danger for SBCers, in this new policy on Baptism, to dance on the boarder of Landmarkism and to isolate themselves from any fellowship with non-SBC groups. This is not unity in the Kingdom of Christ, this is exclusion and elitism. It is confusing essentials with non-essentials, and standing for pride and arrogance instead of love and cooperation. It is as if the trustees for the IMB are saying only those of the SBC are truly our brothers. I am sure that is not how they really feel but its the message they are sending and it is a sad one to be sure.

Steve McKoy's "Missional Baptist" Blog is keeping up with the changes and the current controversy over this issue in the IMB. If you want to continue being informed I recommend you check this site regularly:


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