Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend Observations

I love movies, but I am picky about the quality of films. I'll watch almost any movie (excluding the obviously grossly immora), but I tend to be highly critical of the films I see. This weekend Krista and I took the recommendation of Gene Edward Veith and saw a film that he commended: Elizabethtown. This was a classy production. It was interesting, entertaining, and yet unique. In an age where film-makers basically repeat the same movie concepts with different characters I welcome this film and recommend it to you. It was clean (save for a few swear words and such), fun, and creatively done.

I finished reading C.J. Mahaney's book Humility. Sharing with others the fact that I was reading this book sort of defeats the purpose of reading it, but nonetheless I can't say enough in praise of this work. The very practical suggestions that Mahaney offers are grounded on a firm theological foundation of God's hatred of pride and praise of humility. It should be required reading for every man, for, I fear, we struggle most with pride issues.

Solid-Ground Books is having a huge inventory reduction sale this March, check out all the listed titles that they have, there looks to be some great material here.


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