Friday, March 03, 2006

Transforming Your Prayers, Part 3

To conclude this series on Transforming Our Prayers I thought I would post a list of materials that are especially helpful as guides to our prayers or simply as books helping us to understand, better, prayer.

1) Valley of Vision- This is a small book of Puritan Prayers. The Puritans were, as I have said numerous times, much more mature than modern day Christians. Their prayers are very Christ-centered and very humble. They tended to express things in a way that we don't usually think to (and that's not simply because of it's old English style). These can be a great guide to your prayers.

2) The Pastor in Prayer- This book, published by Banner of Truth, contains the pastoral prayers of C.H. Spurgeon which his students copied down (against his wishes) as he prayed over the congregation at the chapel. It is a great help to pastors as they formulate their own pastoral prayers.

3) A Call to Spiritual Reformation- D.A. Carson has written this wonderful book that helps modern Christians to be able to pray through the prayers of Paul. Another great place to look to for a guide to your prayers.

4) Prayer and the Knowledge of God- Graeme Goldsworthy has written a wonderful book, from what I've heard, on the theological foundation for prayer.

5) Prayer- John Bunyan has written two books on the subject of prayer. As far as I know both are very basic but very refreshing. Sometimes we need a good reminder of what prayer is, does, and why we should do it, to this end Bunyan is a good read. His other book is How to Pray in the Holy Spirit.


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