Monday, April 03, 2006

Famous Friends

Okay she's not really famous, but I did see her picture and read the story about her in last week's issue of World Magazine, a weekly national news publication from a Christian perspective. Shannon Bremer and I were in 5th grade together and before that both of us performed in a community production of the Wizard of Oz. In that production Bremer was the Wicked Witch, but reading this story about her in World indicates she did not grow up to become such. It's always fun to see where the Lord has taken people from your past and placed them in the present.


Blogger Shannon said...

I just randomly was on google and saw my name on your blog page and was curious because I do indeed remember doing the Wizard of Oz play in 5th grade :) That's awesome that God has called you to be a pastor... I became a Christian when I was in 10th grade and now work for a church in Charlottesville, VA. Good to hear you are doing well! Cool how small the Christian circle can be.

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