Friday, March 24, 2006

Men Loving Men

No, this is not another rant on the evil nature of Brokeback Mountain. I am not writing here to bewail the dangers of homosexuality, instead I am writing to bring again to the forefront the issues of Biblical manhood.

This subject is to be my study for the whole year, the reason for that is that I am finding there is a great deal that goes into becoming a biblical man. One issue related to this matter is the issue of men loving men. As I have a desire to grow more and more into a Biblical man I need help in understanding both how to do that and what it looks like, in this regard men who know the answer should be willing to come along side me and help me. This is the practicallity of men loving other men.

There is a great need in our society for men to be nutured and mentored by other men. I am not talking here about some form of macho male bonding, but genuine Christian love that takes a brother alongside and cares for him and helps him to conform his life to the will of the master. Xavier Pickett, Co-Founder of Reformed Blacks of America, has written a very insightful post on this at the RBA blog. His concern there is for men in general, and black men in specific. The blog is a great eye-opener to how the church at large has left off caring for men, and it is a challenge to Christians to take up the task of helping men. I recommend it to you.

When David told his son Solomon, while the former was dying, to show himself a man he listed the ways in which he was to do that. Why record this "father-son moment" in Holy Scripture? To help us see the need for teaching others how to be MEN, and this means not only our sons, but our fellow brothers as well.


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