Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Word on the Worlds

I saw Stephen Speilberg's production of War of the Worlds last evening. I had decided not to see this film early on because I couldn't stand the thought of encouraging Tom Cruise to make more films...his bout with "insanity" as of late has been disturbing to watch. But since I could borrow the film for free and since I am inclined to watch productions of the creative work of H.G. Wells I acquiesced.

Let me begin this brief review by saying that the graphics were decent. Not the best, but then again who can create what Wells' elaborate imagination concocted. The cinematography was great at moments, with some very impressive shots that make the entire scene! As far as that element of the aesthetics goes I was impressed. Of course the storyline is compelling, Wells was no softy on plot. It is, however, with the issue of character development that I find this film faulty. I don't recall if this is a weakness of Wells', but the film definately fails to develop its main character well. Cruise is not a bad actor, his work is usually quite compelling (its his real life that I find pathetic), but the character is developed so poorly on the screen that it truns War of the Worlds into only half a movie- just a lot of action, without much else.

That's my two cents, take it for what it's worth. If you can see the movie for free it's a fun watch, but I would't pay to watch it.


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