Monday, April 24, 2006

Southern Seeks to Change Culture

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary continues to embrace a full orbed Christian Worldview. It is one thing for a Seminary or Christian institution to be focused on the local church at its basic level, it is something extraordinary for one to be focused on helping the church engage the culture. That, however, is exactly what Southern is doing.

This institution continues to open the door to wider areas of study for its students. It was only recently that the trustees of the school approved programs in Biblical Counseling and in Intelligent Design, but as of April 11 the school has now opened the door for more avenues of study. The two new programs focus on law and the arts. The Center for Theology and Arts, headed up by Steve Halla, and the Center for Theology and Law, headed up by Peter Richards, will focus on "helping evangelicals and Southern Baptists in particular to engage some of the most critical issues of our day," says President Al Mohler.

This is an exciting time for Christians and for Southern Seminary as well. The more that evangelicals are willing to engage the culture the more we will shape it. For far too long we have stood on the sidelines and fought to resist changes from the culture, it is high time that we return to the aim of effecting change ourselves!


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