Saturday, June 03, 2006

Thankfulness and In-Laws

I love my wife, adore her even. She is indeed the most wonderful gift, beyond my salvation, that God has given to me in this life. Yet I recognize that she is much like her mother and father. Many of her qualities and attributes can be seen in her parents. It was not until I stopped to consider this more carefully that I began to realize how much I should thank God for my wife's Christian parents.

To have a wife who grew up in a Christian home, learned, from a young age, how to serve and honor and worship Him is no small thing. A wife who has seen first hand how to raise up Christian children, how to serve your family to the glory of God and yet still serve your church is a blessing which no husband can overlook. It is something to thank the Lord for. He did not have to give my wife such a background, or me such a wife. It is a testimony to His tender mercy in our lives.

My in laws continue in many ways to help my small family today, yet none of these blessings even come close to the grand blessing of a Christian wife raised in a Christian home from her birth. So to the Lord I say, "Thank you for my wife's family and their love for you, and their instruction of her."


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