Thursday, September 14, 2006

Christianity and the Civil War: Suggestions for Reading

Though it is largely unknown to the average American there was a series of great revivals that took place during the Civil War among the soldiers. Paul Harper has done a marvelous job surveying the spirituality of the soldiers in an audio lecture, but there are number of excellent books that document this as well. There was no lack of Christian faith and doctrinal preaching during these days, and theologians found themselves on both sides of the battle lines. It is said that during the war men went to George Whitefield's casket in New England, which was open in those days, and tore a piece of the man's frock to tie aroudn their guns. Great Baptist and Presbyterian leaders served as chaplains for both The South and The North, and other cases of Christian involvment in the war abound. For those who are both advid lovers of American history and interested in the theological framework that both shaped and was shaped by the Civil War here are some good resources:

1) The Civil War as Theological Crisis- Mark A. Noll

2) From the Flag to the Cross: Scenes and Incidents of Christianity in the Civil War- Amos S. Billingsley

3) Christ in the Camp- J. William Jones

4) Stonewall Jackson: The Spiritual Side- David Myers

5) Stonewall Jackson's Pastor: An Autobiography- William White


Anonymous David T. Myers said...

Thank you for recommending my book on Stonewall Jackson - The Spiritual Side. I believe that his life and times can be readily used by the Holy Spirit to bring unconverted readers to a knowledge of Jackson's Savior as well as bring saved readers to recognize that holy living can be part of their world-view. I know that that has been true in my pastorates the past 40 years. Again, thank you. Wish you the best in your ministry.

David T. Myers

5:32 PM  

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