Friday, November 10, 2006

I am Not a Republican

The results of Tuesday's mid-term elections were not very suprising to most people. The Democrats won control of the House and (with a bit of suprise, perhaps) the Senate. At one level I am must confess I am delighted to see the change. Why? Not because I am a liberal democrat, in favor of abortion and gay rights. But, rather, because much of the Republican party, it seems, forgot why they were sent to Washington.

Corruption, immorality, and complete selfishness were kings. Over the last couple months, it seems, the Republicans have recieved one blow after another as man after, man was revealed to be invovled in some scandal. To say the least it has reminded me that Christianity is not the same as republicanism. Many have wrongly associated the two too close together and now that association is revealed to be quite dangerous! This loss, then, is good for Christians. It reminds them to be Christians first and not republicans. This loss is also good for Republicans as it calls into check their trend of corruption.

ON the other hand, I am somewhat nervous about the new party in office on Capitol Hill. The Thought of liberal democrats controlling both the house and the senate doesn't increase my delight in republican removals. To exchange one form of immorality for another isn't my prefered choice of action. Romans 13 is my only hope in times like these. Politics is increasingly being revealed to be full of hypocrisy, corruption, and selfishness. But God still reigns supreme, and this too serves as a fresh reminder for Christians. Politics are important, but in the end only the Gospel of Jesus Christ will change the world. Democrats won't, and neither will Republicans, but Christ will!


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