Sunday, January 14, 2007

Changes to the Dunham Family Vision

A while back Krista and I spent date night reviewing our family vision and discussing both evaluations of ourselves and of the document itself. Encouraged by the testimony and example of our friends Jeremy and Melony we decided to add an article to the document concerning Christian hospitality. We also elaborated on point six of the document, clarifying that we were to serve in the church regardless of position. We are not only to serve if I am a pastor or if we are missionaries, but to serve in any capacity possible. These changes I, believe, are helpful clarifications to how we are to achieve our vision for the glory of God. As leader in the home I am responsible for not only directing the family vision, with the help of Krista, but for keeping us focused on fulfilling it. So regular evaluation and consideration of the document is required. Here I have posted the revised family vision, may it encourage godly men to craft their own for the sake of their families spiritual lives.

The Dunham Family Vision and Direction:

To glorify God: in the expression of an Ephesians 5 marriage, individual holiness, redemptive parenting (including the reflection of the unity of all races in Christ by means of inter-racial adoption), in happy-hearted obedient children, and in faithful ministry to the local church.

By means of:

1) Humble, sacrificial male headship in the home.
2) Faithful and helpful female submission.
3) Redemptive discipline of children (including firm corrective discipline, humbling praise, and continuous encouragement when each is needed).
4) Directing the family’s focus continually to the cross through a careful guarding of the number of hours and the content of television watched, internet web-pages viewed, and the type of books read, through daily/weekly family worship, and through mandatory service as occasions rise.
5) Weekly date night between husband and wife, and monthly date night between father/mother and child/children.
6) Serving in the pastorate or mission field as God calls us, and serving regularly in our church regardless of position.
7) A resistance to affluence, including a celebration of Christmas that is Christ centered instead of present-centered.
8) Educating our children on the need for missionaries, and encouraging such a goal for each of them.
9) A weekly, monthly, and annual spiritual check-up.
10) A confession of faults to one another, and prayer for one another.
11) A proper management of money, and a consistent and sacrificial giving to the Lord of our finances.
12) The repeated commendation of sexual purity outside of marriage, and fidelity within.
13) Glorifying God in our body, which means a wariness towards self-indulgence and apathy in both eating and exercise.
14) Persistent Parental involvement in the education of our children, either through home schooling or simply a knowledge of what is being taught at the public school.
15) Personal piety, and daily private prayer and Bible study.
16) Christian Hospitality expressed through opening our home to others at least once a week.


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