Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why the name change?

So the questions are rolling over, "Why the name change on the blog?" The answer, in short, is it makes more sense. My previous blog name was a German phrase that, translated, means "We are Beggars." The name meant nothing, however, to most people and therefore did not facilitate edification. Neither does it fully convey what this blog is about. The theology behind the statement is true enough, but since the content of my posts reflect an interest in Christian engagement with the culture the name change seemed appropriate.

So Welcome to Christ & Culture. Here you will find my articles and thoughts on theology, philosophy, politics, and culture. The Christian engagement of the culture has taken some promising turns in the last two decades. It wasn't long ago that the church was teaching a practice of abandonment and isolation from the culture. Today there is far more a chance of cultural gluttony than there is of cultural anorexia by Christians. But cultural engagement is not always done Biblically, and therefore thoughtful discussion needs to continue, and be based on the Word of God.

For those interested in this type of discussion I recommend solid Christian cultural commentators like R. Albert Mohler Jr., Gene Edward Veith, Cal Thomas, Philip Graham Ryken, and the staff at World Magazine. For good resources see my links to the left.

Christians are to be in the practice of redeeming the culture, but we are to do it intelligently, and Biblically. For more on this discussion stay tuned to Christ & Culture, my new blog!

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