Thursday, April 17, 2008

Preaching, Teaching, and Ministry in Portsmouth

Things continue to go well for our family in Portsmouth. Ministry is both strange and wonderful. For those of you praying for Krista and I as we serve here we would invite you to pray for the upcoming ministry to the college campus that has begun. Last week we had our first Training session for the core group that is participating in this endeavor, and this coming Sunday we have our second, detailing what the gospel is. There will be four sessions in total, two in may covering methodology of evangelism. Pray for me as I lead those seminars.

I have just finished preaching through a three part overview series from the book of 1 Kings at a nearby church. This church was without a pastor and I was filling in for several Wed. services. It was a wonderful series for me to teach as I have been studying to go through the book verse by verse this coming fall. For this series, however, I took the book and divided it into three sections: Chatper 1-11, 12-16, and 17-22. The theme of the book is God's Presence in the Midst of Israel's Spiritual I have called the series overall "God in the Wasteland" (borrowing the title from David Wells superb book by the same name, though his work is on a different and unrelated subject). I was delighted to teach it and have learned a great deal about the book as a whole over that course.

I am currently preparing to finish up my first semester as adjunct professor of English Composition at Shawnee State University, please pray that I find a summer job to keep up our income.

Krista has been very busy with Mia at home, and she also helped to host a ladies retereat last month for the women of our church, she did an excellent job. We are now slowly working out times to get to know individual members of our church family better and spend time with them. Your prayers are a great help to us friends, and we continue to covet them.

God bless

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