Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Few Good Articles

,I thought I'd post a few good articles for your reading pleasure. The articles are on various topics in the news and I've listed, along with the link, a brief abstract of the text. It is important to keep up on your news, to know your culture, that is the Lord's command from Isaiah 22.

1) President Attends Church Service at Gangwashi Church in Beijing, China.
Here is a great story that portrays the quality of our President and as well gives Americans some insight into the state of the Christian church in China.

2) Reading the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with C.S. Lewis.
In this article from Reformation 21 Leland Ryken does an excellent job of explaining some of the theological themes within Lewis' classic Christian fantasy. I highly recommend that before anyone goes to see the movie on December 9th that they check out and read this wonderful article from a skilled literary scholar.

3) Former Vampire Queen now Writing about Christ.
Anne Rice is best known for her works such as Interview with a Vampire, she has, in her most recent novel, however, turned over a new literary leaf. Her newest book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt explores the childhood of Jesus the Messiah. I have heard some amazing good reviews about this work and recommend that you read the article in World Magazine concerning her change and as well the brief critical analysis of it by Gene Edward Veith at the end of the article. As always be cautious and think carefully if you decide to read Rice's book.


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