Friday, December 09, 2005

The Big Bad Christian Wolf?

The response to the new film based on C.S. Lewis classic work The Chronicles of Narnia, which premeries today, has been amazing and varied. The Christian community has embraced it with open arms as a relief to the decadence of the modern movie. The secular community, on the other hand, has been some what more skeptical.

The fact that the tale is so heavily laden with Christian allegory makes it a prime target for those anti-religious groups out to rid the world of anything Christian. They do of course fail to see their own blatant hypocrisy when they decry groups for protesting films such as Brokenback Mountain (a tale of two homosexual cowboys). Nonetheless many are profoundly outraged by Narnia. Some call it racists, others, through misinterpretation, identify it at sexist. Thankfully this is not the consensus of all in the public sphere, however.

As I have said many Christian leaders have endorsed it, but what are others in the secular community saying? For starters Ebert and Roper give it Two thumbs up. That's a place to start. One editor for Maxim Magazine labels it as a film to be remembered, another writer fo US Weekly says it is an "Oscar Front-runner".

If you've read the books at all you have to wonder with Rich Lowry "Who's Afraid of C.S. Lewis"? He's become the big bad wolf of Christian entertainment, but I commend the film to you all and more so do I commend the books.

Read Rich Lowry's article for a good laugh:


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