Monday, December 05, 2005

Coach Carter and Abortion

This last weekend Krista and I watched the film Coach Carter. I was pleasantly suprised to find that this is a decent film. The story is naturally good and compelling, and Samuel L. Jackson does a terrific job portraying Coach Carter. I don't think it is an excellent film, but its decent.

There is one message, however, in this film that is so repulsive. In portraying the hard life of a inner city highschool students the directors made the decision to invovle on student in a relationship with another young lady whom he has gotten pregnant. Certainly this is sad but it is probably most true to life. The repulsive message, however, comes when the young woman decides to have an abortion and the director has painted this as a beautiful and glorious picture. Now that she has had this abortion the young man can go off to college without feeling any regrets and the young family can begin without the worries of becoming trapped in a low social class status. This is a sad and sorrowful picture! The murdering of innocent children painted as a beautiful ending to the film is quite distressing to me.

It is the accepted philosophy of our cluture. It is indeed a sad truth that many families find themselves trapped in low social class status, dead end jobs, paycheck to paycheck living yet the idea that aborition will resovle or should be the right response to this situation is sad and wrong! So over all I'd give Coach Carter a D in film rating. The story is good and Jackson is a good actor but there was far too much about this film that was horrific to me, perhaps most distressing is that the films take on life is probably generally well accepted.


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