Friday, December 16, 2005

Wayne Grudem's Christian Beliefs

The success of Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology led to a condensed version of the work titled "Bible Doctrine". The amazing success of this smaller work, however, has now led to an even more condensed version of his theology text- this one a small book titled "Christian Beliefs".

This newly released introduction to the basics of the Christian faith is unique book. It combines both the quality explanations of a master theologian while keeping the details simple. While it is certainly a major condensation from Sytematic Theology and even Bible Doctrine it is not shallow in its deliniation of these major doctrines. It is an excellent book for beginning Christians, or for those who are not expereinced in reading theology. In 144 pages, dealing with twenty distinct doctrines Grudem helps to build up a foundation for future Christian theological development, something all believers need.

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