Sunday, December 18, 2005

Advent Poems, 2

It's the third Sunday in Advent and here is the Third Advent Poem: I encourage you to use these with your family, or better yet, make your own.

A Better King Than Hezekiah- Micah 5
The Third Sunday in Advent

The populace of Judah, swarmed with Israelites
And Hezekiah’s chamber could be seen in the night.
The lanterns glowed late one evening as he sat up in bed
Pondering over words that swam round in his head.
“That prophet has been proclaiming, for many a day now
That the Lord is angry with Judah, and how
Judgment from His mighty hand is coming to destroy
All that our people have built up to enjoy.
He says that the rich and powerful of our land
Are overpowering the commoners by sheer force of hand.
He tells us that God is coming down to pour out all His wrath
For we have forsaken the covenant and strayed from the righteous path.
What am I to make of such a preacher as this?
His preaching is giving me nightmarish fits!”
“What if Micah speaks true,”
The King wondered, “What are we to do?”
“He speaks of a greater King? Greater than I!
One who’s also from that ancient Davidic line.”
“O, my King, forgive me for speaking so plain.”
The voice of servant said as he came
Into the room with a smug little smile,
“Pay no attention to this, rest for a while.
This prophet speaks not what is true,
For I know and as well as do you,
That no king would come from Bethlehem,
For it is the least among all of our clan.”
Though Bethlehem was, among all of Judah, least
She did bring forth a King, who rules not only in the east.
Born of a Virgin in this little town,
Was the King of Kings with the most glorious crown.
Though Hezekiah did not know who this ruler would be
We read these verses and we know and we see
That the one prophesied of here
Is Jesus the savior whom we hold so dear.
And as we celebrate the Christmas season
We recall what is the real reason.
God told this to some men:
That Jesus would be born in Bethlehem.
And God in His sovereignty had foreordained
That many sinners of all kinds would one day be saved!


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