Monday, January 02, 2006

Disaster in 2005 and 2006

Marvin Olasky, jouranlist for World Magazine, has written a terrific article on suffering and tragedy in the year 2005. His words, while not highly insightful or innovative, are a fresh reminder of old truths, I encourage you to check it out under "Top Articles".

Krista and I sat through our first tornado tonight. Here in Louisville they're somewhat common, we are told, (in the spring anyway, not usually winter!). It's a scary thing when you don't know what will happen, and even more so when you consider all the tragedies that have befallen people in the last year. Many have died, others have been put out of homes, still others have lost dearly loved family and friends. Why tragedy occurs is a mystery to us, we know and truly believe that God is the Sovereign of the universe who has greater purposes even in tragedies than we can conceive, yet they are still tragedies!

I don't know what 2006 holds, or if it will be anything like 2005. It is sometimes scary and sometimes exciting, but the one thing that I do know is that my God holds the world in His hands. And He who brings the winds from the four corners of the world, and sends fire, sleet, and floods is also He who calms the raging sea and shelters His loved ones. God is sovereign and whatever comes in 2006 will be to His glory, and with that knowledge I can persevere with hope!


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