Monday, March 13, 2006

Biblical Manhood: Lessons from 1 Kings

In the first eleven chapters of 1 Kings I believe we can find a picture of both the way of Biblical manhood and the failures of unbiblical manhood. I am in the process of working my way through these first eleven chapters and developing this theology of manhood as it is laid out in 1 Kings, here is my preliminary outline:

I. Leaving the Right Kind of Legacy- Chapter 1
II. Show Yourself A Man- Chapter 2
III. Wise Guys: The Need of Our Day- Chapter 3
IV. Providing and Protecting Displayed- Chapter 4
V. A Passion for Religion- Chapter 5
VI. An Action in Religion- Chapter 6
VII. Leaving the Wrong Kind of Legacy- Chapter 7
VIII. Every Man's Greatest Need: Forgiveness- Chapter 8
IX. The Maker of a Godly Man- Chapter 8: 54-61
X. The Serious Nature of Sin- Chapter 9:1-9
XI. Beware the Green-Eyed Monster- Chapter 9:10-28
XII. Are You Living a Double Life- Chapter 10
XIII. Lust and Idolatry: A Friendship Between Foes of Your Soul- Chatper 11
XIV. God's Faithfulness Inspite of Man's Faithlessness- Chapter 11:34- 42
XV. What to Learn from Solomon- Various Scriptures


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