Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Spurgeon Rhapsody

The following is a poem written by C.H. Spurgeon late in his life. Thanks to Tim for posting this quote, it is indeed a sweet expression of salvation and worship from a wise man.

All my soul was dry and dead
Till I learned that Jesus bled --
Bled and suffered in my place,
Bearing sin in matchless grace .
Then a drop of heavenly love
Fell upon me from above ,
And by secret mystic art
Reached the center of my heart .

Glad the story I recount ,
How that drop became a fount ,
Bubbled up a living well ,
Made my heart begin to swell .

All within my soul was praise ,
Praise increasing all my days ;
Praise which could not silent be ,
Floods were struggling to be free .

More and more the waters grew ,
Open wide the flood-gates few ,
Leaping forth in streams of song
Flowed my happy life along .
Lo , a river clear and sweet
Laved my glad , obedient feet !
Soon it rose up to my knees ,
And I praised and prayed with ease .

Now my soul in praises swims ,
Bathes in songs and psalms and hymns :
Plunges down into the deeps ,
All her powers in worship steeps .

Hallelujah ! O my Lord ,
Torrents from my heart are poured !
I am carried clean away ,
Praising , praising all the day .

In an ocean of delight ,
Praising God with all my might ,
Self is drowned . So let it be .
Only Christ remains to me .


Blogger mcgathany said...

Hey David, how are you guys? thought i would look you up and try to keep track of your goings on. christina put together a blog at or something like that. would love to hear how seminary life is treating you.
grace and peace
mark gathany

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