Friday, September 22, 2006

Lost in Religion

Krista and I are finally caught up on Lost and axiously await the new season, which starts next month. We finished watching season two today and as we did I contemplated the place of religion in the show. I can't begin to articulate the full scope of religion in the show, but it is interesting to note that several characters stand out:

1) Jack- Jack is the man of science, as is evidenced both by his skepticism and the episode which bears the title "Man of Science" contrasting Jack with another, the "man of faith." Jack is a man of reason and doubts all that he doesn't understand.

2) John Locke- Obviously named for the philosopher, Locke represents the "man of faith" named in the above mentioned episode. Locke's faith, however, is very pagan. He beleives the island is god of some sort. It demands sacrifices (like Boone, from season one) and tells the man what to do. Locke slowly looses his faith throughout season two and we see his skepticism rise.

3) Mr. Echo and Charlie- Both of these men are Catholics. Charlie's presence as a religious figure was hardly felt, however, in the first season. Mr. Echo, however, confronts viewers and fellow islanders with true religion and "pure faith." Of course I would disagree with the presentation of Christianity given by the writers, but none the less I am amazed by the confrontation between Locke and Echo, the friendship between he and Charlie, and the by the very fact that one whole episode is about the 23rd Psalm.

What all this means I will not now attempt to say, but it is intriguing to say the least. I agree with Gene Edward Veith when he says that Lost is the best show currently on television.


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