Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Childhood Conversion Conference

This weekend in Portsmouth, OH Christian Communicators Worldwide is having a conference on Childhood Conversion. This is such a crucial topic in our churches today as it touches on a number of related issues: what is true conversion; when should a child be baptized; how do churches and parents relate their faith to their children; etc. Come out to Bigelow Baptist church this weekend and here as Steve Burchett leads us in a great discussion.

(See link for Bigelow Baptist to the left under the churches heading)


Blogger savedXbyXgrace said...

just thought i would say howdy and that i recieved your voicemail....about 2 weeks ago and, as you know, i am still in the process of returning that call. anyways i look forward to talking to you soon and i hope that all is well with krista and you in the bluegrass state!

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