Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What to Make of "The Riches"

FX is certainly known for their orginal shows. They've produced a number of cutting edge dramas that have garnered them a great audience. Most of their "cutting edge" dramas contain almost no edifying value in my own opinion, and so I have avoided them. But their most recent addition has caught my attention.

"The Riches" is the story of a family of crooks. "Drifters" they are called in the first episode, but crooks is certainly what the audeince will recognize them as. The show has some evidences of redemption in its content. Wayne has a major wake up call, what C. Ambrose calls a "spiritual and midlife crisis." He decides to remove his family from a life of cons and thefts and settle down in middle-class suburbia. The way he does this is by seizing the identity of recently deceased Doug and his family.

The show is certainly mature and for adults only, and I am not sure what the overall quality will be like yet, having only seen episode one. I do not intend to recommend it here, simply to make you aware of it. "The Riches" could be a show about redemption and family. Or not. We will have to wait and see, but there is potential. And with Minnie Driver and Eddie Lizard behind the wheel we know the story will go far either way.


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