Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Oscars Are Not for Film Fans

World Magazine has a wonderful article in its most recent issue. The article explains that the Oscars are no longer for the average film fan. Those who simply love good movies and good stories have repeatedly found the Oscars to be disappointing and frustrating. The reason? Since 1998 those films winning Oscars have increasingly been indie films with political and controversial agendas.

Megan Basham writes, "A quick perusal of the nominated films of the last few years reads like a checklist of the liberal platform. Validates same-sex couples- check (Brokeback Mountain). Endorse transgendered lifestyles- check (TransAmerica). Repudiates immigration law enforcement- check (Babel). Promotes euthanasia- check (Munich). Advocates class-action lawsuits- check (Erin Brochovich). And the list goes on to cover everything from the president's supposed scheming with oil companies (Syriana) to the constant implication that being married in the suburbs is a miserable way to go through life (American Beauty, Far From Heaven, Kinsey, Closer, and others)."

Basham has given a thoughtful analysis to the Oscars and as they are fast approaching (this Sunday) I recommend that we all give some thought to them. See my article "Theology at the Movies" over at Pastor Dave's Articles. I've tried to write a thoughtful piece of the Christian understanding of movies and the right way to view them. If you're a movie fan at all give sometime this weekend, before the Oscars, to give thought to this subject.


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