Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirates 3

To be certain Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End kicks the adventure and action up about three notches. The battle sequences are larger, more exciting, and, thanks to the help of Computer Graphics, more amazing. A Pirate duel on the top of the main sail in the midst of a storm, and a raging war, a sea battle between two ships as they circle a giant whirlpool. These and other sequences make this third movie in the Pirates trilogy a fantastic watch.

The story does suffer some because of the massiveness of the action. Some of the story begins to fold over on itself towards the middle of the film, but this is only minor and does not detract to terribly from the overall quality of the film. The writers have again brought a good story, decent dialogue, and that goofy pirate humor back to the screen in this third film.

After all that let me add, however, that I do hope they don't make a fourth! The first movie was fantastic, the Second certainly brought some new fun to our characters, and this third film resolved the story, though in a somewhat unexpected manner. So, if I may offer some advice to the movie producers: Don't mess with a good thing. Leave the Pirates Trilogy alone!

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