Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The New Discovery

I've done some solid research on the subject of the sun as of late, and you will not believe my findings. What I've discovered after years of studying the sun is that it both rises and sets. Can you believe it?! It is my hope that someone will use my prelimaneary discovery to launch a more thorough and scientific investigation. But regardless of what the future holds for Solarology, let it be definitevely stated here first, the sun rises and sets!

In case you were wondering, I am being entirely fesitious. Any research group that actually celebrated such findings and such studies we would rightly laugh out of the public eye. The "discovery," at this point in history, is rather old. Old news cannot and should not be passed off as a new discovery. Yet it seems that people are quite impressed with the research recently done by the University of Texas on the subject of sex. And what was their finding: the number one reason college age students have sex is because they are attracted to a person.

Their findings have been getting them in the news over the last two days as though they have done something really groundbreaking here. As if the general population should be shocked and suprised by this obvious answer. Is their any doubt that this was the common practice in our 21st century "hook-up" culture?

What's more amazing is that The University of Texas actually thought it a good idea to throw money and time at such a research project? Perhaps their 237 other reasons why human beings have sex offers something more substantial, the sheer number of "reasons" is certainly impressive, but I doubt that these reasons amount to much. In any case, I am not shocked by the findings, but rather by the absurdity of this investigation. In the end what does any of this mean, how is this research helpful? That's the question I want to ask everyone who does research: Give me a reason to care! If you really want to do something with your research University of Texas, maybe you could start by researching something worthwhile.

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